Shooting hours start at 10:00 am on Sundays and 8:00 am on other days.

Ending hours are posted on the sign on the right as you first enter the range.

Range Safety Officers will alter the ending time based on conditions and the following guideline:

Nov. 3rd thru Jan. 31st.          4:15 pm
Feb. 1st thru Mar. 8th             5:15 pm
Mar. 9th thru May 14th           7:00 pm
May 15th thru Aug. 15th         8:00 pm
Aug. 16th thru Sep. 30th        6:30 pm
Oct. 1st thru Nov. 2nd            6:00 pm

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Easton Fish and Game Association is a members only club located in Northampton County Pennsylvania.

The club was formed in the early 1900\'s and was incorporated in 1935.

Club facilities include a 100 yrd. rifle & pistol range, 25 yrd. centerfire pistol range and 50 ft. .22 rimfire range.

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