Special Thanks to the Rifle Range Pavilion Crew

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Easton Fish & Game Association, I would like to thank the members who volunteered and worked on the rifle range roof project.  Due to the unexpected rockslide at the end of March, half of the roofing structure had to be demolished (so the excavating equipment could get through) and rebuilt.  The following list of members volunteered and put in countless hours demolishing and rebuilding the structure over the last few months.  They also built to new structure higher than the previous structure so that there would be adequate clearance for heavy equipment to pass through without the need of another demolition.  Needless to say, the team did a great job and saved the club thousands of dollars that would have been spent on contractors. The estimated cost using outside contractors was $25,000, however the team brought the project in at $8,500 saving the club approximately $16,500!  It’s dedicated members like this who volunteer their time and energy that makes EFGA a great club!
Bob Balcerski Wally Bleyl Ron Bridges
R. Bulger Anthony Ciotti Bob Craig
Alex Dillon Patrick Dillon Dan Farrell
Joseph Frederick John Hulsizer Paul Jaeger
Tim Kay Shikwan Kwan Harris Leavitt
Walter Levourne Jim Lopez John McCormick
Jim McQuade Chris Miller Conrad Miranda
Tom Murray Julian Natasin Hank Owens
Ryan Owens Michael Pek George Pinter
Chad Piraino Frank Piraino James Piscotta
Walter Press Stephen Pronko Mitch Ricker
Paul Schneider Keith Sena Gene Smotritsky
John Thompson Jim Tonge Gene Van Fleet
Lorraine Van Fleet Rick Walters Robert Young
David Zilker    

Thank you all for doing such a great job!
Rick Nagle, Chairman, Easton Fish & Game Assn


Shooting hours start at 10:00 am on Sundays and 8:00 am on other days.

Ending hours are posted on the sign on the right as you first enter the range.

Club Officers will alter the ending posted time based on conditions and the following guideline:  

JAN 1ST thru JAN 31ST             4:15 pm
FEB 1ST thru MAR 11TH             5:15 pm

MAR 12TH thru MAY 14TH         7:00 pm
MAY 15TH thru AUG 31ST         8:00 pm
SEP 1ST thru SEP  30TH          7:00 pm
OCT 1ST thru NOV 2ND            6:00 pm
NOV 3RD thru JAN 31ST          4:15 pm 

Easton Fish and Game Association is a members only club located in Northampton County Pennsylvania.

The club was formed in the early 1900's and was incorporated in 1935.

Club facilities include a 100 yrd. rifle range, 25 yrd. centerfire pistol range, 50 ft. center-fire pistol and .22 rimfire range.

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