black-powder-iconBlack Powder – Muzzle Loading Rifle and Pistol


Easton Fish and Game holds two Black Powder Matches per year, one in the spring and another in the fall. These shoots consist of offhand rifle 25yd and 50yd shooting at paper Animal targets. These are limited to muzzleloading caplock or flintlock rifles. We also offer 100yd, Military type targets for the above rifles as well as muzzleloading Inline rifles. The matches are open to anyone interested in shooting Black Powder, member or not. We also have a Black Powder percussion revolver Silhouette match at metal animal targets. There are eight types of target categories with prizes awarded for each.  We also hold a splatterboard type chance Target  and team post cutting match.  Refreshemnts are typically available for purchase at the match. There is a $2.00 registration fee and targets are $1.00 each. For information call Bob Darwin at 610 252 6367.