This is a CMP sanctioned John C. Garand Match. Open to EFGA members and guests.

All shooters must bring or have on file with the club a notarized CMP affidavit 


“as issued”  as defined by CMP rules Rule 4.2.2 AS-ISSUED M1 GARAND Page 31

“unlimited”  as defined by CMP rules Rule 5.2.5 UNLIMITED M1 GARAND Pages 42-43

Course of fire

5 shots sighting in prone
20 shots slow fire in prone total 25 minutes

10 shots prone from standing in 80 seconds

10 shots sitting or kneeling from standing 70 seconds

10 shots standing in 10 minutes

50 shots total for score

Match Rules

Shooting coats and slings are allowed for either division. Shooters can use spotting scopes for the slow fire stages. 

Bring a mat or something for your elbows for the prone stages. Shooters are on concrete not dirt when firing.

Registration starts at 09:30 and the match will begin at 10:00 am.

Match Fee - $ 5.00

Download the CMP affidavit at http://thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads/Affidavit.pdf 

Contact: Harris L