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Easton Fish and Game Association is excited to be hosting the first annual SHOOT SIG event on August 12th and 13th 2023. Sig Sauer representatives and EFGA SOs will be working together to provide a unique shooting experience.

Shoot SIG is intended both to introduce new shooters to the shooting sports and for those of you with a competitive edge to further hone your skills. A demo range will also be set up to allow participants to try a variety of Sig Sauer firearms.

Bring your favorite Sig Sauer Centerfire Pistol, Pistol Caliber Carbine or 22 LR to shoot for score. Sig Sauer will also have firearms at the match if you don’t have your own (with purchase of their ammunition). You can also shoot with another brand firearm, scores will be posted but not eligible for prizes.

NRA Shooting Sports USA published an article in June about the Shoot SIG events.

To participate:

1) Join shoot SHOOT SIG at

2) Register for our match at ( Scroll to the bottom of the PractiScore home page to set up a free account if you don't have one)

3) Read the match rules and event information | Shoot Sig Rule Book