Standard sporter-type rimfire rifles that can weigh no more than 7 ½ pounds, with sights and sling.

If it is a CMP Sanctioned match, a notarized Affadavit of Eligibility is required. PDF icon The affidavit must be taken to a notary and signed in their presence..




All Rimfire Sporter Rifles must be standard sporter-type rifles chambered for the .22 cal. long rifle cartridge. Magnum rimfire or .17 cal. rimfire rifles may not be used. Barrels may be tapered or straight, but fluted barrels may not be used. There are three Rimfire Sporter Rifle classes:

a)  Standard Rimfire Sporter Rifle, O-Class (open sights);

b)  Standard Rimfire Sporter Rifle, T-Class (optical or aperture sights);

c)  Tactical Rimfire Sporter Rifle, TR-Class (optical or aperture sights)

Scopes are limited to 6 power and variable scopes that excede 6 power can be used when set and taped at 6 or less.

Course of fire

5 shots sighting in prone in 5 minutes

10 shots slow fire in prone total 10 minutes
10 shots rapid fire prone - 2 strings of 5 - 30 seconds each
10 shots slow fire sitting or kneeling in 10 minutes
10 shots rapid fire sitting or kneeling - 2 strings of 5 - 30 seconds each
10 shots slow fire standing in 10 minutes
10 shots rapid fire standing - 2 strings of 5 - 30 seconds each

60 shots total for score

Match Rules

Shooting coats and slings are allowed for either division.

Bring a mat or something for your elbows for the prone stages. Shooters are on concrete not dirt when firing.

Registration starts at 08:30 and the match will begin at 9:00 am.

Match Fee - $ 5.00

Contact: Steve Shellmer sshellmer@aol.com