Rifle Range

Our 100 yard rifle range is located towards the back of the property and is protected on three sides by a high quarry wall. The firing positions have benches that can be moved for prone and offhand shooting. There are target boards at 25, 50 & 100 yards; we also do our best to keep steel gongs at 100 yards. Please note that we do not permit non-paper targets such as bottles, cans, jugs or anything that explodes when your projectile hits it. We also ask that you not discharge explosive devices or fireworks. This is a place to shoot, not a place to act like a thirteen-year-old.

The firing line is covered by a roof built by club volunteers and the range is maintained by volunteers during the Saturday work parties. Please help us maintain the range by policing after yourself when you shoot. This includes your spent casings and any garbage that you brought with you. We have a great place to shoot, please help us keep it that way