Steel Challenge is an exciting shooting sport know as “drag racing with guns”. Easton will be running a Steel Challenge match on the third Saturday of the month, beginning at 11:00, from March through October, weather permitting.

Shooters shoot from a 3’ x 3’ shooting box, at five stationary steel targets. The targets include 18” x 24” rectangles, 12” circles and 10” circles. One of the targets is designated as the “stop plate” and must be shot last. Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) has eight official stages with targets ranging from seven yards to 35 yards. Six stages are “stand and deliver”, shot from one box, one stage requires three of five strings shot from one box and the remaining two strings shot from the adjacent box, while one stage requires shooters to shoot two targets from one box and the remaining three targets from another box. The stage with two shooting positions has only four strings required, with the best three strings counting for score.  The other seven stages have five strings of fire with the best four counted for score.

At Easton, we will shoot three or four SCSA official stages and one original or outlaw stage as the fifth bay we are using is not large enough for any of the SCSA stages. The original stage will be different each month. We will rotate through all of the SCSA stages throughout the season with two stages, Smoke & Hope, and Roundabout, set up for each match.

With 13 gun divisions, almost all pistol chambered guns can be used in Steel Challenge. The divisions are the five USPSA handgun divisions:

Carry Optics
Single Stack


Revolver – iron sights
Revolver – open sights
Rimfire Pistol – iron sights
Rimfire Pistol - open sights
Rimfire Rifle – iron sights
Rimfire Rifle – open sights
Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) – iron sights
PCC – open sights

The rimfire pistol and all rifle divisions start at low ready, so no holster is required. The centerfire handgun divisions all start gun holstered with wrists above shoulders.

Preregistration at, is preferred, but match day walk-ons will be accepted. 

For more information, see the SCSA rules on the website 

Watch this introductory video